• Demo of vtiger 7.0 available!

    vtiger 6.5.0
    Feel free and test our PDF Maker on new vtiger 7.0
    vtiger 7.0 demo
  • PDF Maker for vtiger CRM

    PDF Maker is a very powerful tool for create Business Proposals, Contracts, Cases, Project activities documents and of course different kind of Quotes, Sales Order, Purchase Order and invoice.Read More Free Version Manual
  • Warehouses 4 You for vtiger 6 CRM

    Are you looking for Warehouse module for vtiger 6.x.x?
    Answer is MultiWarehouses 4 You
    Warehouses 4 You
  • Dynamic Fields 4 You for vtiger 6 CRM

    Extension that allows you to make your vtiger form more dynamic and user-friendly.
    Available new release with brand new functionality and improved old functionality
     Dynamic Fields
  • IT-Solutions4You

    If you want to improve your vtiger CRM or search for a professional Cloud CRM solution,
    you are at the right placeRead More
  • VT4You Cloud CRM

    Powerful CRM Software, In the Cloud or on your Server.
    No credit card required, no software to install, no hardware needed, available anytime and anywhereRead More
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Extensions for vtiger CRM

Our company IT-Solutions4You offers You very popular extensions for vtiger CRM Open Source. We are a vtiger CRM solution company that offers highest level of Support, Hosting, vtiger Development and CRM Integration Services to small and medium size enterprises

Service we provide

CRM Development

We are a company providing high quality vtiger CRM Development Services that will work specifically for you

CRM Hosting

Our CRM Hosting packages and servers meet all vtiger CRM requirements for optimal performance and hight security

View all services


CRM News

  • EMAIL Maker for vtiger 7.x released +

    We are happy that EMAIL Maker has been released finally.
    You can find more about EMAIL Maker for vtiger 7.x here:
    Enjoy it!
  • EMAIL Maker for vtiger 7 is coming +

    We are finishing EMAIL Maker. Last few little things to do and we will publish it.
    On other hand we apologize that we do not publish it this year like we said but it will be available after Christmas Holiday.
    We suppose on 19. January.
  • New web site +

    Dear customer,
    you can also visit our new web page
    What you can find in new page?
    Blog about vtiger, our extensions, tips&tricks, customization and much more what you may be interested for you.
    Also manuals for our vtiger 7.x extensions
  • Cashflow for vtiger 7 available +

    We are happy that Cashflow is since now available also for vtiger 7.
    You can read more in our manual of Cashflow here.
    Buy it now!
  • Multi Company for vtiger 7 available +

    We are happy that Multi Company is since now available also for vtiger 7.
    You can read more in our manual of MultiCompany here.
    Buy it now!
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What Our Clients Say

  • Phil M.

    I used PDF Maker for an old vTiger 5.1.0 instance - I naturally get back to ITS4You when my end-user wanted a brand new vTiger 7 - I can tell that you are a very genuine Customer Centric Organization ( great advice, instant support), and on top the brand new PDF Maker is a "Bombshell" ..... Great Job guys!
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VT4You Cloud CRM

No installation, No hardware needed, Available anytime and anywhere

FREE 30 Days Trial

Try now FREE Trial Version with all Vtiger CRM Functions & Features, including our popular modifications and extensions

Initial CRM Setup Service

A FREE, one-time, initial CRM setup service is included with your subscription, even if you are still in your trial period

Great CRM Support

We are providing professional Services related to vtiger CRM Open Source, like vtiger CRM Hosting, Support and Customisations, etc.

Pay as You Grow Pricing

All plans come with awesome support by helpdesk, email or chat. There is no hidden fee!

  • Cloud CRM
  • user/month
    10 €
  • recommended for 1-15 Users
  • 5GB Storage
  • Regular updates
  • Basic Support
  • Free trial
  • Server CRM
  • price/month
    159 €
  • No user limit
  • 50GB Storage
  • Regular updates
  • Silver Support
  • Free trial
  • CRM On Premise
  • price/year
    4200 €
  • No user limit
  • Your CRM in-house solution
  • Regular updates
  • Platinum Support
  • Free trial

Try Free 30 days trial. No credit card needed! Need More information ?


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