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With this extension You can create unlimited count of nicer and more sophisticated email templates for almost all vtiger modules. You can send mass emails from listviews (e.g. Invoices, Quotes, Products, etc.). Sending is running in background and you are informed about sending process by small popup window. Also good point is Email Campaigns. You can use it to send plenty of emails to your clients.
Make your bussines known with Email Campaigns.


Interests you convenient PDF & EMAIL Maker Package?

Email Maker for vtiger CRM

EMAIL Maker the best way for Email Campaigning

Through the extension "EMAIL Maker" for the Vtiger CRM 5.x (version 5.2.1, 5.3.0, 5.4.0), Vtiger CRM 6.x  and Vtiger 7.xyou can create email templates with predefined information and send them from all the modules. There are available all the fields from source module, related modules, the fields from recipient module, the company information and many more.

Realize yourself

Make your bussiness more known. Create image like you want or edit pre-built template.
  • Easy work with CKEditor
  • You can add fields from related modules
  • Everythings is up to you

Try our Email maker on demo

Demo Vtiger CRM 7.x Demo vtiger CRM 6.x Demo vtiger CRM 5.x

Keep track

Statistic information about your campaings.
You will see how many people seen your Email.
How many people unsubscribe from that you choose for campaign.

Timing of campaign

Create a campaign and do not care with sending. Email Maker make it for you.
  • Define when your Campaign will start.
  • If you have a limit of your Email server, you can set also maximum count of sent emails per hour

Save your time

Try to image that you need to create a plenty of Invoices, maybe you have new product and you want to know all customers What's new!
Sending thousand of emails could be time-wasting and hard-working.
Create one template and Campaign do all work for you.

Do not want to be annoying?

Unsubscribe Email function is for you and your customers the best solution.

Workflow do job without you

Is today birthday of your customer?
Invoices is not paid after due date.
Don't worry.
Prepare template and Workflow and do not care.


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