Email Maker Manual for vtiger CRM 6.x

Introduction to Email Maker

The Email Maker is extension tool designed for the vtiger CRM. Using EMAIL Maker you can create email templates with predefined information and send them from all the modules. There are available all the fields from source and related modules, the fields related to recipients, the company information and many more. The intention was to provide powerful and flexible tool which allows users of vtiger CRM to create own email templates. Using the email templates you can send mass emails from ListViews (e.g. Invoices, Quotes, Products, etc.) and finally save lot of your time. Sending is running in background. You are informed about sending process by small popup window.

The Email Maker benefits are:

  • supported mostly inside all modules
  • unlimited number of email templates within one module
  • simple addition, edit, duplication or deletion of the email templates
  • advanced and more creative editing of emails using inserting images, tables, product blocks related blocks or listview blocks and many more
  • mass email sending from Listview and sheduled emails
  • support vtiger CRM workflow


Who needs EMAIL Maker?

The target group of EMAIL Maker users are people sending emails daily (i.e. invoices, info about products, quotes, orders etc.) In addition it is expected that people would like to send more sophisticated and nice looking emails including images, tables or product related blocks, etc. Let’s see how the EMAIL Maker can save your business time on the following use case:

It is necessary to send invoice attached to email. In addition it would be nice to add into text of the email some information related to invoice e.g. invoice ID, sum to be paid, date of invoice, info that we are sending a present for free because order was higher than 500 Eur, etc. Let’s suppose that you spend just 6 minutes with that email, so you can continue with rest 99 invoices/emails ?! OR you can prepare email template and anytime you need just to use it and send tens of emails within few clicks.


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