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PDF Maker is a very powerful tool for create Business Proposals, Contracts, Cases, Project activities documents and of course different kind of Quotes, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoices and other


Interests you convenient PDF & EMAIL Maker Package?

What Our Clients Say

  • Phil M.

    I used PDF Maker for an old vTiger 5.1.0 instance - I naturally get back to ITS4You when my end-user wanted a brand new vTiger 7 - I can tell that you are a very genuine Customer Centric Organization ( great advice, instant support), and on top the brand new PDF Maker is a "Bombshell" ..... Great Job guys!
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PDF Maker for vtiger CRM

PDF Maker Product Features

  • You can use all vtiger CRM Fields (including custom)
  • Send PDF file via Email
  • Save PDF file as Document
  • Batch print from each list view module
  • Merged templates
  • Define own Filename for generated PDF file
  • Using Products images in Invoice, Quotes, Purchase or Sales Order
  • Define Workflow management using our Workflow extensions
  • Using Custom function, which allows you to fully cutomise PDF output according your needs

The PDF Maker irrevocable, perpetual license covers all versions of PDF Maker. (vtiger 5.x, vtiger 6.x, vtiger 7.x)

This license is bought with 1 Year subscription/membership and gives the license holder right to install the extension on ONE productive vtiger CRM installation and ONE develop vtiger CRM installation for unlimeted users.

Subscription expiration implies the termination of the support, update (membership details and product source code) and other download specific services.

IT-Solutions4You s.r.o is not obligated to provide support, access to downloads or any other services being offered in the subscription beyond the end of the term indicated by your subscription unless you renew your subscription on or before the expiration date by agreement between IT-Solutions4You s.r.o and you.

Using of this license is still "lifetime" also without active subscription. The license holder can use this license, activate, deactivate and move to other CRM but without claim to support and latest updates.

PDF Maker Pricing

  • FREE
  • €0
  • One Template
  • Invoices,Quotes, PurchaseOrder and SalesOrder
  • Without support

  • Easy to create own pdf Template
  • Download
  • €39
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Invoices,Quotes, PurchaseOrder and SalesOrder
  • 1 Year subscription(read more)
    2 support Credit (30 min)
  • Lifetime license
  • Additional features:
    Relatedlist tables
    Barcodes / QR code
    Define pdf filename
    Merge templates
    Send email with PDF
    Save PDF as Document
    Generate PDF from ListView
    Edit template before Export
    Workflow management
    Customer portal support
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    Regular price: 168€
    now 109€


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