PDF Maker Manual for vtiger CRM 6.x

0. Introduction to PDF Maker

The PDF Maker is extension tool designed for vtiger CRM. There is already possibility of the export to pdf format in vtiger CRM functionality but it covers just few modules. In addition pdf templates are hardcoded and cannot be edited. Therefore, the intention was to provide powerful and flexible tool which allows users of vtiger CRM to create own pdf templates.

The PDF Maker benefits are:

  • supported mostly inside all modules
  • unlimited number of PDF templates within one module
  • simple addition, edit, duplication or deletion of the pdf template
  • simple direct sending of the pdf files
  • advanced and more creative editing of pdf files using inserting images, tables, barcodes
  • creation of an own product block
  • mass export to PDF from list view

What’s new?

Here is the list of the main new features, improvements and layouts provided until PDF Maker professional version 600.4.2 available for vtiger CRM version 6:

  • available option to Uninstall PDF Maker (see chapter 7.6 Uninstall)
  • PDF Product Page Break option (see chapter 5.6 PDF Product Page Break)

Until version 600.7.0 the main new features are:

  • direct Print option (see chapter 5.2 Print)
  • option to add conditions to show/hide templates in PDF Maker block(see chapter 3.3.8 Display conditions)

Please refer also to Change log of PDF Maker and Change log of Manual for PDF Maker .

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