• Reports 4 You for vtiger CRM

    You can create unlimited reports for all vtiger CRM and custom modules*
    *(created with vtiger standard)
  • Powerful reporting extensions for vtiger CRM

    5 Report types (Tabular report, Summaries, Summaries with details, Matrix report and Custom Report for admin), Support of Scheduler, Graphs in High Charts style, possible Add to dashboards - widgets
  • Reports 4 You for vtiger Cloud CRM

    PDF, Excel Export and print are possible, Inclusive support & FREE lifetime Updates for 6.x or 5.x version
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Reports 4 You for vtiger CRM

Reports 4 You - powerful reporting extensions for vtiger CRM

Do you want to have Opportunities by Sales Stage

With Reports 4 You it is possible + funnel chart is also good way to show information.

What about Tickets by User by Month?

Do you want have owerview of Ticket and status for your Useers?

Tickets by User and Status is the solution.

How many hour user spen on Projetcs?

How many Sales Orders are related to Organisation?

Reports 4 You Manuals

Download manual for Reports 4 You and read more about our extension:
Manual for Vtiger 7.x

Manual for Vtiger 6.x

Manual for Vtiger 5.x

Do you want to try our Reports 4 You extension?

Feel free and test it on our demo: Demo Vtiger 7.x

Demo Vtiger 6.x

Demo Vtiger 5.x

Buy Reports 4 You!

YearPrice for subscription
  1st Year 199€
  2nd Year 159€
  3rd Year 119€
  More 119€

With membership/subscription you will have access to latest versions of extension for all vtiger version 5.x, 6.x, 7.x ( and higher). After subscription your extension will continue working without problems, but you won't get support or updates. Duration of subscription is 1 Year.
Read more about subscription

Main features of our Reports 4 You vtiger CRM extension

Here you can find main features which our Reports 4 You contains and we are proud of them.
  • 5 types of Reports
  • Key Metrics
  • Limit and Sort order
  • Custom Labels
  • Better filtering
  • Scheduler
  • Graphs
  • Primary search column

You are able to create 5 types of reports:

Reports 4 You - Tabular Report Tabular Report

Reports 4 You - Summaries Report Summaries Report

Reports 4 You - Summaries Report with Details Summaries Report with Details

Reports 4 You - Matrix Report Matrix Report

Reports 4 You - Custom Report Custom Report

What is Key Metrics feature for?

New functionality of Reports 4 You is Key Metrics. Key Metrics allows you create Views onDashboard with information like Count of records based on Filter. With Reports 4 You, Key Metricsalso allows, after creating Tabular Report, use these Metrics ( SUM, AVG, Min, Max) on Dashboard.

Key Metrics in Reports 4 YouKey Metrics in Reports 4 You

Who appreciate Limit and Sort order?

Try to answer:

  • Don't want to plenty of record in Report?
  • Do you want for example Top 5 Organization with the most Paid Amount?
  • Do you want to reward your employments and you are looking for the best selers?
  • and much more other possibilities

Did you find yourself in some point?

Try to use Limit and Sort order.
You are able to set Limit of shown records as well as sort based on fields Ascending or Descending.

Report without Limit and Sort OrderReport without Limit and Sort order

Report with Limit and Sort OrderReport with Limit and Sort order

Who is Label for?

Standard vtiger name of fields are good.
But with Label you can rename all reported fields as you want.
It can help you to better understanding of Report.

Report 4 You - LabelsReports 4 You - Labels

In Filters you can specify the conditions to filter the results in a report.We can specify conditions in Filters and Summaries Filters.Filters have all the fields from the selected module and its related modules where the comparator and condition can be choosed based on type of field selected. You are allowed to provide unlimited number of conditions, recommender into 5 conditions.

here you are able to create Filter, add new Condition to Filter Add condition or add New Group of Filters Add group. Course, there are options to Delete Condition(s) Delete.It is good to note our better comparators for time Columns (e.g. Less then today, More thentoday, Older than … day, …) and repair some standard comparators (e.g. Last/Next Days, …).(For example you can use it to Report Invoices that are not paid more then 7,... days).

Summaries filters
powerful option to create Filters from Summaries fields

FiltersReports 4 You - Filters

Summaries filtersReport 4 You - Summaries filters


In this step, you can Send Reports at regular intervals to specific users through email without logging in to the CRM. Do not forget to check "Scheduling Active" to run this report using workflow scheduler. You are able to export PDF or EXCEL file or both.

SchedulerReports 4 You - Scheduler

We support also generate 5 types of Charts:

Horizontal Chart
Reports 4 You - Horizontal Chart

Vertical Chart
Reports 4 You - Vertical Chart

Line Chart
Reports 4 You - Line Chart

Pie Chart
Reports 4 You - Pie Chart

Funnel Chart
Reports 4 You - Funnel Chart

Why should I use Primary search column?

If you choose in Dashboard part Primary search column, then you can this Widget filter from Dashboard by this column.

Primary search column in Reports 4 YouFilter Graph by Primary search column


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