Credit Notes 4 You

What does CREDIT NOTE exactly mean?
A form or letter sent by a seller to a buyer, stating that a certain amount has been credited to the buyer's account. Also called credit memo.
A credit note is issued in various situations to correct a mistake, such as when:

  1. an invoice amount is overstated,
  2. correct discount rate is not applied,
  3. goods spoil within guaranty period,
  4. they do not meet the buyer's specifications and are returned.
Extension Credit Notes 4 You allows you to create Credit Note from Invoice. You can use positive as well as negative prices in this module. And it is compatible with PDF Maker Professional, that means you are able to create PDF file from Credit Note which you have created.

You can test Credit Notes 4 You or all our extensions in vtiger CRM DEMO before you Buy.
Demo Vtiger CRM 7.x
Demo Vtiger CRM 6.x
Read more about Credit Notes 4 You here:
Manual for Credit Notes 7.x

Manual for Credit Notes 6.x

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