Custom Key Metrics Block

This tool allows you to create unlimeted key metric blocks in CRM Dashboard for Vtiger 6.x and Vtiger 7.x. The content of key metrics is defined by your custom list views
Key Metrics 4 You - Custom Key Metrics Block in Dashboard


After installation go to All->TOOLS->Key Metrics 4 You
Click on Add Widget button, then define Widget Name and Description
After save click on Widget name. In this view you can Add new row for your Widget, click on Add Key Metrick Row button
Create New Key Metrics Row. Define Label name, your Custom filter and save it.
If you want to add another row , repeat the previous step
To show your Widget on CRM Dashboard Home page, please go to Home page of vtiger CRM and click on Add Widget button. Then seachr your Widget and clicl on it.

Key Metrics 4 You Features

  • Unlimited widgets
  • Move rows inside block
  • Module Manager Compatible
  • Compatible with all standard and custom Modules

Extended version of Key Metrics are included in Reports 4 You for FREE.

Key Metrics 4 You - Custom Key Metrics Block in Dashboard
Key Metrics 4 You - Custom Key Metrics Block in Dashboard
Key Metrics 4 You - Custom Key Metrics Block in Dashboard
Key Metrics 4 You - Custom Key Metrics Block in Dashboard
Supported Vtiger versions:
  • 6.x:
    • 6.1.0
    • 6.2.0
    • 6.3.0
    • 6.4.0
    • 6.5.0
  • 7.x:
    • 7.0.0
    • 7.0.1
    • 7.1.0

License Information

The Key Metrics 4 You License will be referred to as "The license" in the remainder of this text.
This irrevocable, perpetual license covers all versions 2.xx of Key Metrics 4 You.
This license gives the holder right to install Key Metrics 4 You on ONE productive vtiger CRM
installationm and ONE develop vtiger CRM installation for unlimeted users.
The license holder is allowed to make modifications to the Key Metrics 4 You sources but in no event will the original copyright holders of this library be held responsible for action or actions resulting from any modifications of the source.
The license holder is not required to publicize or otherwise make available any software used in conjunction with Key Metrics 4 You.
The license holder may not re-distribute the library on it's own or versions thereof to third party without prior written permission of the copyright holder.
Key Metrics 4 You License does not allow the library to be redistributed as part of another product.
The license may be transferred to another vtiger CRM instalation only with prior written permission.
The wording of this license may change without notice for future versions of Key Metrics 4 You.

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